1967 - 1968 Cougar XR-7 4 speed shift knob

Original shift knob, nice condition. Click on the link below:


You mention the repro is cheesy. What do you not like about it?


I would have to say right off the bat, it’s the wood grain and sheen.

Agree, the repro is a close resemblance but just that. An original is an original.

Also, the knob I am selling is not a late model knob with the deep groove around it. So far as I know there’s not a reproduction of the 67 - 68 XR-7 knob. So what I am saying in my eBay ad is not a comment on Don’s knob at all, just a statement that it’s not some cheesy reproduction.

So was the version with a groove only in 69? No late 68’s?

I don’t know but my April 1969 Lincoln Mercury parts book might when I get home.

Its C5ZZ 7213-L. IPC says it was used for all of '67 model year and through January 1968 on shifters with 1/2" - 20 NF thread. C8OZ 7213-G was used with the later (after 1/2/68) shifters which had smaller 7/16 - 20NF thread. This knob was also used in 1969 Cougar XR-7 for the '69 model year.

I agree it was used in 1969 also. I had a low mile very original 1969 XR7 convertible with 351W-4V and 4 speed, and it had this exact shifter knob.