1967 - 1968 Mercury Cougar LED Tail Light Kit - Rip Off

RIP OFF WARNING ADDED Edit to reflect that this is really a rip-off. From the photos you would think this included lenses and housings. Just LED lights and some backing plates. SAD.

Not seeing that this kit has been discussed before and new to me anyway but a company called “Keep It Clean” is marketing a LED Tail Light Kit for 67/68. Looks like it uses factory lens/housings (or at least current reproductions) and might be a good option to just replacing the bulbs?

Any one here given this a try?

Is also on eBay and Amazon where it’s priced at $230.

I would very much like to try this.
Do you know if it comes with everything to make it work?
My sequential lights don’t work right now. I’m wondering if replacing with this would include the sequential thing.

They claim that “Includes LED strips, backing plates, wiring adapters, and connectors.” but also state is custom made so no returns.

But assume that it does not include the sequential box itself and you have a working system to start with. Just replacement for the lights and what is needed to hook that up. Going to guess if you want to use with an original analog control box it would have to be working at 100% to trigger correctly.


Says it comes with 10 1 foot strips. Kind of tells me you have to put it together to make your own lights and also does not say anything about sequencing. The sequential tails lights to me is a very unique trademark of the Cougar. I have the LED light bulbs from WCCC in the 69 and I think they work great, and cheaper.

Totally agree with 69XRRR7 about the WCCC lights. I also put their LEDs in the instrument panel and they make a world of difference.

To ssava, there is a mechanical turn signal box in the trunk that you should check first although there can be other things that can cause trouble. I don’t know that the bulbs by themselves would create a problem.

in re-reading what they offer I’m turning this into more of a rip-off warning post.

With the same photo showing complete assemblies i assumed that it was a complete kit and for the price seemed reasonable if included lenses and housing but the description states:

Now you can convert your 1967 or 1968 Mercury Cougar’s existing tail light assembles into modern super-bright LED tail lights!

So for $230 sounds like you’re getting just some LED light strips and instructions and whatever they mean by “adapters” which i think are just some backing plates.

No wonder they don’t offer refunds.

Thanks. Do you recommend any instructions on what to look for and how to check it?

There’s an extensive thread on the various issues here - search for sequential lights and similar terms. WCCC also has some informative videos - if you learn like I do, that works better.

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