1967 - 1970 Cougar Coil Spring Cover

I hope I can get a couple of members expertise on this item. I’ve bought what was advertised as an NOS coil spring cover, Ford p/n C7ZZ-3382-A.

But I do not see any date code, plant code or shift on this part.
Here is another example of one that has been bead blasted and it clearly shows the factory stamps for those codes.

Are any of the readers of this thread able to verify that the coil cover(s) on their Cougars have such stampings ? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a piece of original Ford sheet metal ( even the later service parts ) which lacked these stamps. I’ve seen the reproduction version of this part and they don’t have the bends on the ‘flange’ and the angles aren’t as crisp as in the “NOS” part.
Any one care to share their knowledge on this part ( specifically the date code stamping ) ?

I restored a low miles 68 shock covers. There are no date codes on at least one of the shock covers (from pics) but I think neither had them.

I also did not (from memory) have stamped date codes on hood hinges, valve cover, intake manifold and some other pieces I don’t recall. Sometimes they may of had ink stampings that were lost to time.

One thing I should mention is the front brake dust shields: they had no stamped date code but did have the Ford oval logo. The brakes were the original 68 rotors and date coded calipers.

I have several here. All of them have a month, day of week, and shift marked. None have any indication of the year.


Definitely not a repro

Don, perhaps you could provide us your rationale as to why this part is not a reproduction ? thanks !