1967-1970 cougar for sale in AZ

Hi team
Looking for a solid cougar in AZ.
If any one knows of one coming up?
I am not looking for an expensive car somewhere in the 10k mark if this is achievable?
The big thing is no or little rust.
Thanks Jason

I was in Chandler last week and Scott has more to choose from then ever, he is a member here, look him up! 428cougarguy



Cool video Don and Nice collection Scott!
I’m trying to catch up… so far I have the forever under restoration 70 vert and the elusive 71 429 car. Probably a good thing I don’t have a bigger yard or I would chase after this blue 69 vert I spotted !

Not only does Scott have lots of Cougars, and do great work…but you won’t find a nicer, more knowledgeable guy…especially if it comes to 428s. Don, didja see my Jalapeno last week? It was there for a sleepover with the other Cougars! :smiley:

I did! Spotted it right away…,

Yes, Scott is a good fella and living the “Cougar dream” in AZ. My Wife & I vacationed 2013 in Phoenix, and spent some time at Scott’s place while there.