1967-1970 Cougar Headlight Vacuum Hose Photo Diagrams

We at WCCC have been assembling used headlight vacuum hose kits, and while we were at it, we laid them out on the ground to take pictures, and I went ahead and made diagrams to show all the components / colors / routing / etc. There are already factory diagrams readily available (we have them as free downloads) but this is a different way to visualize it. I’m posting these new diagrams here as a resource for the benefit of the Cougar faithful. Hope these are useful!

Clicking on any of the pics will take you to the download page where you can get a high resolution PDF version for free.

1967 Early

1967 Late




Those are awesome! It’s amazing how much simpler things got after 68.

Have to agree with Yorgle on that!

Updated… there were some mistakes, now corrected. DOH!