1967 289 4spd / Original Paint / CA Black Plate Car $1200

I get offered (on average) one car per day and am not inclined to chase them all, we mostly want parts car. This Northern CA car is WAY too nice to scrap. Folks call me to wholesale these beaters as they know I will ask few questions, show up with a trailer and make it really simple for them. The seller does not want to deal with a transporters, questions, checks or more pictures. I would like to send him someone who will ring the doorbell, hand over an envelope with 12 C notes, get a clear title and make the car disappear. All I ask is that you consider buying the parts from us to fix it (not flip it). Underpriced at $1200. I need to vet buyers before I hand over his personal info. Don 503-463-1130

BTW, I will donate the 1/4 extension to get you started.

Be still my beating heart… That is such a great find.

Manual Drum brakes: '67 rotors and calipers fit on the spindles. Upgrade the master and run manual discs…

Looks like it started out as a three speed the shifter says four speed upgrade already done.

'67 had the nice decore style interior standard, and it is black the easiest color to find parts for. Look at the dash pad!

And it is unmolested: the smog stuff is still there!

Man thats a solid car for 1200bucks. And now even better deal for someone that you can buy repro quarter panels to get the damage fixed easier then ever!

That car’s a steal.

Is the smog stuff rare? I have a complete set up for a '67 & I’m trying to find someone that needs it.

I love this car. I have the blue version, LOL

I listed this on FB with the instructions they had to join here to see pics. That was a fail… Pretty hard to get folks off that platform, creating an account is a huge barrier, even if the car was free most cannot persevere even though dozens were on it like piranha. It frustrates me you cannot list a Cougar like this for $1200 nor can you list a GTE as they have pricing parameters. I gave up and deleted the listing.

Thanks Don. You never know who might find us.

So is it sold now?
The Facebook post showed $12,000

Still for sale.

“It frustrates me you cannot list a Cougar like this for $1200 nor can you list a GTE as they have pricing parameters”

Great, I’ll consider it when I get back home. If they ever decide to open I80 thru Wyoming.

I agree this is a great way to start. I live near Fresno Ca. Not sure where this is but this is the kind of thing I’d be interested in.

Sold! Congrats to Dave W!