1967 390 GT Air Cleaner

Hello,I am wondering if this is an original GT 390 air cleaner.Any help is appreciated.Thanks

It appears to be. Here is a link to the repro version.


Is the part of it that has an indented area on the outside around one of the screens correct?The reason I am asking is because I am going to sell it and want to be accurate with the description.Thanks

The one I have which was acquired before the repops were available does have the characteristic you are talking about around the one mesh opening.

It looks like the repop has that too how mant spot welds are holding your mesh on ?

The screen without the indentation around it has 4 spot welds.

Shouldn’t the screens be installed with the wires at a 45 degree angle?

Yes, and the screen should have a pressed or flattened look. They’ve been replaced with what looks like quarter-square wire mesh.

Good eye Scott. And HatTrick is correct. The screens have been replaced as the pattern is off just a bit and originally ran diagonally.

In this case too bad that the reproductions are so nice. Before those came on market a mint base plus chromed lid (if you could find one) were well over a grand.

But I’d be checking the oil cap for a part number. Don’t think I’ve ever seen those reproduced and might be worth as much if not more than the base.

It looks like a converted 1967 Q code air cleaner. If you look at the opening on the passenger side you can see where it was indented to fit a snorkel. The two openings are larger than normal so that the snorkel could be cut away instead of welding up the hole to make the two square openings the proper size.

I kept looking at the base and saying the same thing looks like a 69 or 70 Q code base is how it started life

Too bad it was converted, as the Q code base is probably worth more than the GT one!

I think it was from a 1967 Q code T-Bird.

That base and lid have been used to fake many different, more expensive, air cleaners over the years. It also found it’s way onto a fair number of 67 390 Mustangs (likely Cougars) as well in states requiring thermactors

For the screened versions there is one with and one without the nipple for the breather cap attachment. It was the beginning of emission standards and the requirements varied between different states. That was until 68 and only last a little while as some states required higher standards again in 70 and got even more messed up in the years that followed

My 67 GT with emissions.

“Many moons” ago I actually did a similar thing with my standard 67 air cleaner base. I cut the snorkel off and welded a screen in it to mimic a GT base. I was in mid 20s’ then, and didn’t know or appreciate the value of original parts as I do now. Now if I had to buy a correct non GT base with the snorkel I would have to pay WCCC 350 bucks. So I live with it (if I ever get my car done)
Question I have though, was there such a thing as a painted lid on a 67 standard 390? I bought my car all those years ago with the snorkel base, and it had a rusty chrome lid on it. Still have the lid.

Yes, the S code non GT 6.5 Litre had a blue air cleaner lid.

Royce my 1967 standard 6.5 Litre non GT has it’s original air cleaner with it’s chrome lid. My ‘67 is a Dan Gurney Special as listed on my Marti Report. Maybe some 67’s had the chrome lid because of the DGS option as minor as that option might be.


Is this correct for the 1967 Cougar?

My understanding was chrome valve covers and chrome lid.