1967 390gt engine parts for restoration

Working on a 1967 Cougar 390 GT and in need of a few original parts. Concourse as possible. June build.

Fuel pump - good core for restoration
Radiator - good core for restoration
Clutch Fan

I have a C60E-F fan which is correct for a 67 390 GT Cougar, Mustang and GT 500 it has a clutch but I do not think it is a Ford clutch. If you are interested PM me thanks Larry I may have a Ford clutch for it.

For the distributor I believe they are different automatic vs manual. Same for radiator.

There is also a difference on the radiator if you have A/C or not. Standard-No A/C-C7ZE-D2, Auto-No A/C-C7ZE-E2, Standard-w-A/C-C7ZE-F2 & Auto-w-A/C-C7ZE-G2.

My contact is 515-669-4291
The car I’m restoring is an automatic. So distributor and radiator are different for sure. I

My contact number is 515-669-4291. Can text or call.

For the radiator, be sure to get one that originally was supplied by the Dearborn factory in 1967. A Western Modine radiator from San Jose will be stamped WMo on the top tank. You won’t want one of those.
Hopefully you have an original fan shroud, those are tough to find and spendy.

Yes, you are correct. The couple that I have found the in the last year were not restorable and the tanks were damaged. I have an original 1967 rebuilt and ready but it for a 4 speed. Thanks for the reply.