1967-68 Mercury Cougar Rocker Panel Moldings - To Reproduce?

Christina here from Burton Antique Auto Part’s, the manufacturer of the 69-70 Rocker Moldings.

We have been in the process of developing the Rocker Moldings for the 67-68 Mustang and are looking into doing the 67-68 Cougars as well. Was wanting to see what kind of demand there is for the 67-68 Mercury Cougar Rocker Panel Moldings.

Any information is appreciated.

If you would be someone would be willing to purchase a set in the future, let us know. The more people interested in getting a set, the more willing we will be to reproduce them.

Thank You,

As the owner of a 69 (and someone who helped Mort with tweaking the rockers toward the end of their development), I have no input. But, wanted to say I am happy to learn that B&B is carrying on and contining to develop needed parts for the communities. Mort (RIP) would be/must be pleased! Nice to hear from you/B&B.



Christina, the '67 didn’t use rocker moldings like the '68. For the '67 standards, there was nothing on the rocker panel while, for the '67 XR-7 there were hash mark moldings just ahead of the rear wheels. That would potentially limit your market for these. It appears, too, that someone is already doing them:


Dynacorn is doing them in aluminum, average quality…

Well, with the Mustang ones as well, they are reproduced but are extremely poor quality. We are still making 67-68 Mustang, and making them out of stainless rather than aluminum. It seems it would be a similar scenario with the Cougars?

correct, just a mod to your currently tooling would be all it takes.

I have a set of the Burton rocker moldings on my '69 Convert, and the quality is outstanding. But since my '67 didn’t come with them, I couldn’t put them on that car as I am keeping it as close to 100% stock as possible.

As I mentioned, I will need a set for our next project and am a candidate for one of your sets if they are higher quality and still within a reasonable price range.

I also would be interested in a set, especially if they were made from stainless steel. Would you also consider making the attaching clips as I remember reading in the forums that the current reproductions are not correct or work properly.
Thank you

I would be in for a set of quality ones for sure.