1967 A Code 289/Center Console Car Project

Hello! I’ve decided to make a forum post for my parts car, which has turned into a smaller, second project that I’m straightening out to sell as a running, driving project car for somebody else to take over.
Some of you might remember the fender and door I stole from this 67 to put on my XR7 over on this thread : C Code/Stickshift 1967 Cougar XR7 Project - #80 by Felidae
Anyways, as the post is titled this is an A code, manual drum brake, C4 automatic car. It’s also a center console car! I’ve bodyworked my old fenders and stuck them on, you might recognize the old fenders from my XR7. There’s also that nasty spot on the quarter where it fell of the jack (i’ve been told). The engine is done up with headman headers and a dress up kit. I’ve been told that it’s been rebuilt and only has 1000 miles on it. It runs really good! The astute among you may have seen the AC bracket on the motor, what with this being a non-AC car. Could it be a 302?
(I’m not posting it for sale yet, but if you’d like to get ahold of the car as-is, feel free to message me. I’m located just outside of Las Vegas.)
Stay tuned!

Might help your cause to list the location.

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You’re right! Added the location to the post :slight_smile:

Rough idea on price?

Maybe 5k as it sits right now, pretty solid car. Nut rusty just alot of dents.

I put it up on some matching rims my brother gave me. (I wanted to hoard the smoothies sorry lol)
I’ve started blocking out the car a little to see how much mud is under the panels, there’s alot of mud in some spots and parts where the bodyfiller cracked, the hood hinges are bent, and the passenger fender has a crease in it. My cousin is showing me how it’s done.
I’m leaving all of the stuff in the trunk, there’s a spare sequential turn signal relay etc.
We have it running off of the tank now with a clicky clack and took the car around the block, we had it out front bleeding the brakes and checking the transmission fluid so I took a moment to take a video of it running. The brake fluid looks BAAAAAD and the brakes are next on the list, along with an actual fuel pump.
Stay tuned!

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We got to doing a little more bodywork. It’s 115 degrees outside now, so i can only work in the evenings when it cools down to like 95, between working on my XR7. We tested the primer we’re going to use on this side of the car and I’m very happy with the result. We’ve begun straightening the passenger side fender while that dries. There’s not much bodyfiller on the passenger side and it should straighten out better than the driver’s!
Stay Tuned!

…but it’s a dry heat :wink:
I bet the primer dried fast!

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Looking good.

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More bodywork coming along!
being 98% one color makes a huge difference. The driver’s quarter will need to be replaced, but luckly the damage only extends to the line I drew. I’m thinking I might leave that up to whom’ever takes over this project :smile_cat:
I have the window and door panel ready to put in, I’m just fighting with a stuck bolt in the window track right now.
I’m getting closer to posting this car for sale!
Keep a look out!

Undershots are very important! Here’s some pictures that I grabbed underneath the car!

Stay tuned! :smiley_cat:

Window in!
The fenders need to come out a little so that the hood can shut, but we’re getting there!
Stay tuned! :smiley_cat:

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Wow! That single color change, made a big difference.

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Posted for sale! :smile_cat:

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I’ve included a full set of American Racing Outlaws!
You can read more on the for sale thread!