1967 and 1968 cougar metal roof

I’m selling a 1967 1968 cougar metal roof.
Solid .
Still on car , not sure where to cut .
WCCC is out of stock and charges almost 1k .
Would like someone to pick it up , not wanting to ship .
I do not have time .
What would be a good price ?

Im In
Culver , Indiana

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$800 would be a good price fair to both parties. Might take awhile to sell it but the person that needs it will be happy to get it.

I was thinking that price range .
I agree .
I didn’t want to cut it .
Im trying to hold off as long as I can .
Someone might need it cut at the bottom of the glass . Someone might need it cut and just needs the top part …
Im scraping the rest of the car .
It’s to far gone.

Thanks for the reply .

New roofs are available now.
$4-$600 maybe

Maybe , do you not know ?

Your roofs might be worth $4-600, whatever someone is willing to pay


Ok , I’m not looking to get rich .
Thanks for input .

Dynacore is just the roof skin which isn’t available right now. You have the complete structure and can be cut down low to include more. I would pay more for the complete structure and option to cut it down low if I was in need of one.

I’m cutting it off soon to scrap the rest of the body.
I will cut it at the bottom incase anyone needs the front posts or C pillers.
Will discuss price with the person that wants it when the time comes.

Thanks for input everyone.