1967 base cougar stripes

Hi, I have a 1967 red base cougar. I want to put some stripes on it. Interior is red. I like the eliminator stripe packages & was thinking of using the white stripe and leaving off the Eliminator and hood decal… just Saturday morning coffee talk. Thanks Terry

Again, just talk, but some white three stripe lower Shelby stripes would look great on red

Thanks for that feedback I like the idea. :grinning:

I’ve never seen stripes on a Cougar, that go over the top, that look right. I don’t know why, the only thing I can think of is that whoever painted them on, didn’t follow the wide-narrow-wide pattern that the Shelby mustangs used.


These are just pictures I stole from the internet, they are not my cars. Because paint and body is so expensive, I keep all the pictures that people have done, that even remotely look like anything I have thought of trying.

Thanks for your input.

Each year of Eliminator used different strips. What I would do would be to paint the strips on. A set of factory style tape strips may not line up how you envision. I would probable emulate the 1970 strips as they run near the top of the body line. The 69 strips run about mid way down the upper body line, that is not present on a 67/68. You might tr using a picture of your car, straight on from the side and pin in the strips to get an idea how they will look.

Original Poster, suggest you look into a “wrap” for the stripes you’re thinking about. Wraps are pretty reasonable and are removable. I just had my new pickup lettered and wrapped for my business. Added a contrasting color along bottom of cab - cheap way to get a two tone.

Thanks good idea about taking a picture and doing the stripes

If I remember correctly, Hot Wheels had a Cougar called Nitty Gritty Kitty and it had strips over the drivers side. I can’t remember what my car had (My brother has it now) but I think it was two white stripes. But, I have also seen something that had one thicker stripe with two smaller stripes on the outsides separated by the cars paint color.