1967 Cougar Power Steering

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First time posting. I have a 1967 Cougar with a 390. My power steering will not stop leaking for the life of me. I change one part and another starts leaking. Is there some gotcha’s out there I don’t know about this system? or maybe a new aftermarket rack and pinion setup I can use to simplify the system?

The issues w/ powersteering seem to never end. If you buy the best hoses avail (Bluedot) and replace/repair the seats you should have a handle on leaks. I posted a way to revive the seats a while back.

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Installation of the pump can be a major problem if not done right. Prying on the case to tighten the belt distorts the nice round shape and messes up the seal. Hence leakage.

If it only drips here and there, its working properly. Don’t touch it.

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I replaced my pump tank o-ring multiple times before realizing the pump front shaft seal was leaking. Fluid was running down the pump front casting and dripping from the same location as the pump tank o-ring. Had to replace the entire pump front casting since there is no press-in bushing where the shaft exits. No more leaks!

Bill’s comment on Blue Dot hoses is worth reinforcing. They are the most expensive hoses out there and worth it. Stuff from the auto part store is guaranteed to fail.

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Not to mention auto parts store hoses more often then not do not fit.

Do the Borgeson conversion. It eliminates the cylinder and improves the steering greatly.

The Borgeson conversion is small block only, it won’t fit on a 390 at all.

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Do you know where in the forms you posted your process. Seems like that’s my best option at this point.

Sorry did not see your question.
Here’s a link