1967 Cougar Roller for sale

1967 Cougar coupe for sale. I purchased this Cougar over 20 years ago as a retirment project, and as it ends up, I will not be ‘getting to it someday’. So I am selling as-is. Asking $1500. I have a clear Texas title.

This is fairly compete, you can see it is missing a few items, like the engine & tranny. Was originally a 289 automatic ‘C’ code car. I have a good clear Texas title. The vinyl roof has leaks, so water has rusted out the floors pretty good. Fender bender on front lelf. Has a Mustang hood covering the engine compartment and also the top to try to keep rain out. Please see pics for condition details. VIN 7F91C6xxxxx. Door tag is pictured below and i’ve decoded it for you. All glass is good except the front windheild. Seems this would make a good builder, needs new floorpans, left fender repair and some work to repair the leaky roof.

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As a new user I can only add 1 image per post. The hood is from a Ford Mustang.

Driver’s side

Passenger side…

Rear of car…

Left Quarter

Right quarter

Pass side

Driver’s side

Roof…was a vinyl top, has a few small holes.

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My phone is 214-769-7475. If you are interested give me a call or text. The car is on North Central Texas (Dallas area).

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Bill he listed the price of $1500 in the first post.


Your right I missed it!

Hi Bill, You didn’t miss it, and than you for calling it out. I maxed out on my post limit yesterday so I couldn’t reply to you, but after I saw your comment I updated the listing in my 1st post to include the asking price and the fact that I have a clear ttitle. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some interior pics, not for the faint of heart…

Interior is mostly all there. The wires behind the instrumnet panel are gone along with most of the dash parts like ashtray and heater controls and such, The door panels and rear interior quarter trim are also missing.

Back seat

Front Seats

Steering wheel/Dash area

Driver’s door

Trunk looks solid, no big rust holes or anything. Quarters look good too, and the rockers. Basically the frame rails, rockers, A pillar, B pillar, engine compartment all look good from a rust perspective. Probably never driven on a salted road, or lived near the ocean. North central Texas is kind to cars.

Few more pics

Door tag. Engine compartment and firewall look good. All suspension seems to be intact and functional. Needs new tires! Grille and hide-away headlight and vacuum looks to be intact as well. Did I mention I have a clear Texas title? Car would be a good candidate for resurrection, or a great parts car. Lots of practically rust-free panels if you need to replace anything out your Don Gurney or XR7 type cars. Call or text me @ 214-769-7475. Thanks, Steve.

7 = 1967
F = Dearborn Plan-
91 = Coupe
C = 289 2v
6xxxxx = consecutive build number

65A = 2 Dr Coupe with bucket seats
6 = Light Beige
UF = Parchment Vinyl with Saddle
26U = scheduled build date - July 26, 1967
22 = DSO - Dallas, TX
0 = 2.79:1 open 8"
W = C4 Automatic

Still for sale…