1967 Cougar XR-7 convertible at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

Fordnutz Cougar Club member Malcolm McMillan has decided to sell his custom 1967 Cougar XR-7 convertible at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale taking place from January 11th to the 19th, 2020.
Malcolm spared no expense in creating what should have been created in 67, but wasn’t until the 69 model year. Meticulous precision went into making this cat’s body lines look the way a convertible should, unlike many other 67-8 Cougar convertible conversions. With the top up it was made to keep it’s coupe look.
This 1967 Mercury Cougar factory S-code GT car was meticulously converted into a convertible using a Mustang style top, gear and floor bracing. Finished in Brittany Blue over a black top and interior. The interior is all fresh with a swing-away steering column. Power is provided by a 428ci V8 CJ engine topped off with Edelbrock heads, roller rockers, dual Holley carburetors, and an aluminum intake. The engine is paired with a TREMEC 5-speed manual transmission. It features ceramic-coated headers feeding into SS exhaust, 9-inch rear differential with 3.55 posi-traction, and four-wheel disc brakes. This custom Cougar rides on 15-inch chrome road wheels wrapped in new red line radials.

It is lot number 967.1 and will run Friday, January 17th, probably around 1PM.

Here’s a couple of pictures from his member file.

He did a really nice job on this car… Hope it moons! GLWTS!

Great looking cat. Hope he rings the bell at B-J!

Always exciting to see what Cougars bring at BJ. Every little bit only helps the value of all.

Outstanding! First year, biggest engine available, convertible and on top of that it is hand shifted. If all that would have been a factory production - it could easily set a new record for cougars.

A super car, oh yeah. It was for sale on ebay some time ago and didn’t reach reserve. It originally had a 390 since it is GT. Not that now having a 428 is undesirable. Of course, we all know that Mercury did not make a factory convertible until 1969. This is an awesome conversion. Very nice. The thing that puzzles me is that most of the 67/68 conversions are XR-7s. Extremely puzzling since after chopping of the roof those toggle switches on the dash become worthless. I was never a fan of the XR-7. I disliked the wood grain dash and that god awful clock in the center console made me sick. I once owned a 67 XR-7 but I installed a standard center console in it. My Vert is a standard and I’m good with it. Whoever gets this car should be very happy. Hopefully they actually drive it and not put it in warehouse somewhere gathering dust. I love driving mine. :dance: To be honest though, as awesome this car is I doubt it will set any kind of record. It’s a basically a custom car and will sell for whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I hope it goes for big bucks though. :thumbup:

Puzzle no more. When we did CatVert, we preserved the functionality of the overhead console. The map lights were preserved by using a late-model Lincoln mirror and wiring them into the appropriate toggle switch. The C-pillar lights were replaced by the courtesy light in the Shelby convertible console and wired into that toggle switch, along with the under-dash lights. If memory serves, we also wired the Lucas fog lights into one of the toggle switches.

The warning/courtesy light panel was moved down to the floor console below the clock. Nothing of the XR-7 package was lost.

That’s pretty cool! I’m curious about how the toggle stitches, lights and console were handle on other conversions. :think: As for mine, the C-pillar lights were simply removed and the wires cut. I have seen what’s left of the wiring in the trunk attached to nothing. Oh, well. At least the center console provides light to the rear seats, so those lights are not too badly missed. I would love to see lots of pics of the interior of CatVert if you still have some.