1967 Cougar XR7 390 for sale

Listing this one more time for the end of the season.

1967 XR7, PS, PDB, Tilt-away, Center console, 390 4bbl, long tube headers, Edelbrock intake and carb. C6 with shift kit. Flowmaster exhaust.
NOT original drive train ( from 68 Cougar GT ). Drives decent, always starts, still looks pretty good. Older repaint of original color.
A few issues that I haven’t had time to address, it needs a heater core and the blower is not working, the dash backlighting is not working, the headlight doors open, but don’t close, the clock is not working, and there is a battery drain ( I leave it disconnected because it sits so much anyway). Car is in Massachusetts, but never driven in winter or bad weather. Decent survivor that needs someone with the time for it. $15,000

Link for pictures and videos. bba.bruce1 | Flickr

PM me on here or email me at GT390XR7 at YAHOO dot COM with any questions.



I had it out last weekend to gas it up and I forgot how much fun it is to drive. Wish I had more time for it.

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Time for another bump.

Spring is in the air and the car is still available.

Well boys and girls it looks like I may have to relocate. I can’t take the car and may have to get rid of one of the trucks. So if anyone out there is looking a decent project that you can drive while you work on, get in touch with me.

Is this car road ready or would it need to be trailered? (I’m in Virginia.) Definitely has potential as a project car - I’m looking for something I can drive to shows regularly while fixing it up…

The car is road ready, but I wouldn’t drive it to Virginia. It’s been driven very little the past few years. I’d recommend the trailer.

Time for another bump. Summer is here.

Took it out today. Still lots of fun to drive.

Time to bump this again.

Ok your bump has me interested as this same combo 6.5 litre XR-7 was my high school car…still love this car in Highland Green
I realize its not an S code car…dont care call Dave 201-280-8534 I live near NYC and have my own trailer. Currently race a 67 at Lebanon Valley

Email me, I’ve got your number in my phone.
Have you looked at all the pictures and videos?
I’d love to sell it to someone into Cougars who would take care of it.

Gonna bump this again, just because.

Are you still interested?

Okay, it looks like I will be moving. Would like to have the car sold before the move. Also have a 2004 supercharged Xterra that needs to go as well.

No one wants a big block cougar that they can drive while working on? That surprises me.

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Sadly, it is a tough market right now…not a lot of excess cash and rates are killing loans…if you have extra cash though great time to buy…hope you find someone soon!

Joe V.

So this is a A code 289 car with a transplanted 390? It is confusing being the VIN/original spec isn’t listed anywhere and is advertised as a 390 car, i.e. a S or X code. The price doesn’t seem unreasonable at first glance, but my reasoning is that cars that are priced within their market value will sell. Overpriced cars will sit. Just my 2 cents. Good luck

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Oh, I missed that…thought it was an original S code Cat…