1967 Cougar XR7 for sale in AZ

1967 XR7 $15000 OBO 67 XR7 Mercury Cougar - Google Drive

A California car now in Tucson AZ. I’ve had the car for 15 years. Selling because I don’t have the time, money or health to drive it and take care of it the way it should be.

photos and Marti report here-

The car was partially restored when I bought it. There’s no rust. I’m not a mechanic but will try to answer any questions you have. The following is what I was told was done to it when I bought it.

Gas tank and gas lines.
Brake lines
Vinyl top
Rubber weather stripping

That’s all I remember. Refer to the photos. It runs great. Always has. I don’t know the history of the engine or trans, just that they run good. Odometer reads 19437 and was around 12000 when I bought it. I have always garaged the car. The Marti report says it went first to

California and I have a “Bricker Hollywood” License plate frame that came with it.

The only modification I did was add rack and pinion steering because it was so squirrelly on the freeway. Now it’s awesome.

I don’t see any obvious bondo repairs and don’t think it was ever in a bad accident. There is a paint line in the driver rear fender where the paint is a slightly different color if you look closely. Also a spot on the passenger rear fender where it looks like a second coat of paint. There are small chips and scratches and dark splotches in the paint. See photos.

The Master cylinder was done and the radiator was re-cored a few years ago. Tires are couple years old and have very few miles on them.

The Cons: Sequential turn signals, headlamp doors, clock and radio don’t work. The clock and radio look original. A/C worked before Covid but blows warm air now. All the dash and courtesy lights work. One of the four toggle switches for interior lights is missing the black handle. The driver and passenger seat stuffing is starting to deteriorate. In the photo of the vinyl top near the windshield, top you can see some bubbling underneath. I just noticed this and have not investigated any further.

I’m happy to take any additional photos and post them.

Thanks for posting more info. I’m definitely interested. Unfortunately I’m out of the country for a few days so won’t be able to put eyes on the car till next week. Would you be able to share a phone number in the meantime so I can contact you before then?

can you send me your phone #?
858 337 7333