1967 Cougar XR7

Hi Guys, it’s been a while.
I have decided to sell my baby, don’t have the time for it and it just sits.
It needs someone new to love it.
1967 XR7, 390 4bbl, long tube headers, Edelbrock intake and carb. C6 with shift kit. Flowmaster exhaust. NOT original drive train.
Good 30/30 car. Drives decent, always starts, still looks pretty good.
Looking for best offer around $15,000
PM me on here and I’ll get back to you. Have some pictures in my gallery at the other site.
Car is in Massachusetts, but never driven in winter.


Adding a link to pictures.


Hi Bruce, just sent a pm, and my first post on the forum so go easy on me!

One last bump before I get it winterized and put away.
Best reasonable offer over $11,000 gets it.

I like it (and I’m the weirdo that prefers standards) I’d take her off your hands but I’d have to unload my project first.

What are you getting rid of?
Not that I need another project. lol

If I did it would be the one in my tagline (and the 351W and 4 speed I would eventually transplant)

Data plate and VIN added to pictures.


Well, he’s all set to go to get put away for the winter. All serviced and gassed up. I’ll still take it out when I can. But the weather is bound to get messy soon this time of year.

I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.


Just a quick bump.
The Cougar is still for sale.
A few issues that I haven’t had time to address, it needs a heater core and the blower is not working, the dash backlighting is not working, the headlight doors open, but don’t close, the clock is not working, and there is a battery drain ( I leave it disconnected because it sits so much anyway).

Happy New Year to all.


I’m extremely interested in your Cougar. I’d like to come take a look in person. Message me back when you get a chance and thank you.

PM sent.

Is the Cougar still available?

Yes, I still have it.

Shameless bump.

Spring is here, need a project you can drive while working on?

$15,000 gets you one.

I must have missed that!

I know huh. It’s gone back to the 20s here. I thought it was spring. lol

Posted a couple of videos on the site with the pictures.
So, that’s another bump. lol