1967 cougar

We are needing to get a 1967 cougar halled away, it has been sitting in my brothers back yard in lake havasu az for many years, has no motor or trans. Would be great for parts for someone restoring one. It is free for someone to have if they come and get it. His house has sold and they need to be removed. There is also a 1965 ford truck that needs to go for free also. Bill, 970-759-1003

Do you have titles? I think that I may be able to help you.

Wow you will never guess who is sitting in an Airbnb in Lake Havasu this very moment

Now that’s funny

The car is in rather rough shape with no wheels and tires sitting on blocks for 17 years so most likely what will happen is I will reach into my database and hook him up with the right person here locally that needs to own it. I have an appointment to look at it at 7 AM tomorrow so I’ll post pictures here just because. Funny how a picture can be indexed correctly on my iPhone and wind up upside down here when I post it.

Been having the same issue on this site. I retook pictures on my post last night with my iPhone turned long ways and they uploaded correctly. From what I’ve read it’s a website problem

The site doesn’t randomly display photos. They are displaying according to the EXIF data attached to the image. When you look at an image on your phone the orientation is based on the actual orientation of your phone. Your phone knows where down is and how it is currently being positioned. Display orientation is being fixed by your phone.

Another problem is that browsers also lack this correction capability. So images will be displayed the way they exist according to EXIF data.

If we had Facebook level money there are really smart photo handling programs to fix this problem. But we run on duct tape bailing wire and shoe strings so at this point it’s probably best to edit the photos in your phone before pasting them.

The same thing happens on Facebook so I don’t think it’s a matter of money. It’s a matter of learning how to hold your phone or camera.

I was able to get a friend and neighbors help to drag them out today. Both are too nice to scrap. Anyone needs a project or two?

Not much rust is either one.

That is just plain wrong. Even if a photo is taken and appears right side up, there is a glitch when posting a photo directly from an iPhone to this website. The same photo, once moved onto a computer and then uploaded to this site, will display properly.

I don’t think it’s anything that has to be fixed at the site’s expense but it is definitely there and it is not the users fault.

There is some sort of glitch, this happens when I use either my iPhone or iPad. But if I orient the device correctly the pictures will post correctly. A little trial and error helps figure it out.

Even if a photo is taken and appears right side up, there is a glitch when posting a photo directly from an iPhone to this website.

That is what I was trying to explain. Your iPhone knows where down is. It will resolve the orientation so it won’t display side ways or upside down. This is a function of the iPhone and actually pretty much every phone camera. Phone cameras have native format settings meaning that even when you shoot in portrait the phone may have a native setting of landscape. So the picture you take will have an EXIF file that says the picture should be displayed in landscape and it will appear sideways on other devices.

When you save pictures to a computer, depending on the program you use, you can then rotate or flip the image and then save it in that orientation. It will then write a new EXIF file and display according to the changes.

Scott taylor is the lucky winner of the cougar and a father son are on their way from Tucson to pick up the pick up

Another Cougar gets saved from the crusher! I think this one is just way too straight and solid to part out so it will be interesting to see what happens to this car in the future with the new owner Scott chooses.

Recently we adopted a Mexican street dog from a local rescue. Got me thinking. Anyone ever developed a rescue mission for Cougars (Mercury only).

You know, fix 'em up well enough to move on the their forever homes?

Ever hear of that place up north? I think they go by WCCC? They call it their “Catch and Release Program”.

Cool car. Great color combination.

I am glad you were able to retrieve it, Don.

That’s not the case with my I Phone and my computer. Sometimes I orient the I Phone 90 degrees off to better capture the image. When the image is on my computer I use my photo program to edit the orientation and to crop it if need be.

Same if I post the image to Facebook and then look at it on my laptop - it’s often oriented wrong.

Perhaps if you only use Apple devices the orientation code is shared between devices but for those using other brands (Linux, Android Dell, Sony etc) your photos post upside down, sideways and so on. It’s typical of Apple devices that take pictures.