1967 how many are known, survive, junked?

Where are the statistics on each year, specifically 1967? I haven’t found anything other than 22 Oct, 2011 facts, 1136 known, 343 junked, 793 survive. I’m sure those numbers are different now, but I haven’t found anything.

Check out the data base summer on CCOA: http://www.cougarclub.org/cougar-database-summary.htm

Are those all survivors or are some junked? What does DGS stand for? Thanks, Phil Kiser

Dan Gurney Special

I’ve been a CCOA member for 10 months, but haven’t found the website very helpful with anything. Just now tried to get info on the chart and didn’t get anywhere. Got a general note of 7,000 67’s with approximately 4,000 junked. Do they have junked or survivor #'s for models and options. I couldn’t find anything. Thanks, Phil Kiser

The numbers are cars that have been registered into the National Database. Condition is always a moving target as many cars are being restored some are sitting and going downhill, while others may have been in an accident.

What details are you trying to learn about survival by model or option group?

What details can you share about your 67?


Purchased from Don Rebal Lincoln Mercury, Great Falls, Montana, 59403 first week of August, 1967. 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 GT, Burgandy/Burgandy, automatic, powe disk brakes and steering, wide oval tires, full wheel covers, am radio, nothing else that I remember. I have no paperwork and no serial numbers. I’m sure it’s been crushed as I drove it hard, raced it, and had a major rebuild after hitting a light post at the “A” pillar early one snowy morning. You see pictures of black interior and vinyl tops, but not all burgandy. It was.beautiful with ET mags. Thanks, Phil Kiser