1967 sequencer box, new

The person I got my '70 from had bought this but obviously it’s no good to me so selling it. It is new unused condition, has a Cougars Unlimited sticker on it, part# C7WY-BS. L74

Looks like they go for about $300 USD plus shipping from WCCC so Im thinking $300 CAD or $225 USD is fair? I will package small as possible and ship collect.

If I’m asking too much feel free to make an offer, I’m just going by what I see them listed for. Or maybe there’s just not a lot of demand for these?

Hi! I may be interested, but I couldn’t find the one on WCCC for the '70 Cougar, I just want to make sure it’s the one I found. Is it this one? I would like to buy this for my '67

Hi, yes as you can see in my pics that is the same as the one in your link from WCCC for a 67.

I’ve found the serial number you’ve provided in the desc. It does appear to be a late model for cars without the stop lamp relay. I was double checking because the early and late units are visually the same.