1967 Standard Console parts.

I am doing a little shop cleaning and am going to be selling a few items.

1967 Standard Console parts. I have 5 parts from an old broken 67 Standard Console.
Please make offers for the full set of induvial items.

4 of the 5 items together.

Main Pot metal base, it has pitting and the Black paint is mostly all gone.

Main Pot metal base, and the shifter adaptor plate

Underside of the Shifter adaptor Plate.

Underside of the Main pot metal base.

Forward Bulkhead box side.

Forward Bulkhead front side with harness clip.

Console shifter indicator plate.

Console shifter indicator plate Underside.

Rear Curtesy Light assembly. Yes the lenses has a crack in it.

C7ZB-13473-A casting number/ Both connectors look good.

Here you can see the pitting along the top rear edge.

I will be using USPS Priority mail, but could send First Class if preferred.

Please ask questions before obligating your self to buying this.
I will be as honest as I can. I like happy customers.

The chrome on the top large top piece looks to be quite nice. If only you had a ashtray…

This is now listed on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/363172513208

I was just wondering if you still have any of these parts for the console ?
How much would you need for the back piece ?
Please email and let me know , My email is frankcindy215@@gmail.com

Hi there, I’m interested in the forward box end piece. Thanks

This all sold on eBay about 2 years ago. Sorry.