1967 Standard GT / 39k Miles / California Black Plates / One registered owner

If you look at previous posts here you will see where I purchased this car in Sept of 2018 in Sacramento out of the original owners garage. Because the motor had rotted soft plugs and plugged cooling passages, we chose to rebuild the motor. That’s where the “while we are at it” long list begins… Even though it was probably a waste of money, we had hardened seats installed, balanced the motor and several other upgrades that will probably never be utilized. At 39K miles the inside was VERY clean and did not need to be bored. We resealed the trans, re-cored the radiator, replaced the heater core, restored the fuel system and brake system as well as servicing many other items that routinely expire after sitting for 35 years. The right front fender was repainted long ago and I replaced the rear valance with a NOS unit, other than that, it is original paint. This car retains its original headlights, cardboard trunk fillers, transverse dual exhaust system, suspension, 100% correct date coded drive-train, brake rotors, drums and many other production parts that tend to have been changed out decades ago. The interior is MINT, no reproduction parts anywhere but I may have to succumb to installing a repro package tray. So far, the only thing we did to the interior is re-silver the rear view mirror lens. The title is still in the original owners name, I have service records that confirm mileage and no it does not have a single tiny dot of rust anywhere. I will under no circumstances sell this to someone who wishes to repaint it, change it to a Five speed, add AC or the like. As you can see we have done very little detailing to this car and it needs A LOT to really pop. I have never before had the opportunity to own a GT this clean and untouched. Asking $35k / Trade 503-463-1130.


Here is a video of the grille

Nice looking car.

Very nice, I dig the color.

I think you’re right on the money where I would price it at. If I put my comparable 67 GT on the market I would ask a little more being an XR7.
Very nice original example and needs to go to a home that will clean and detail a little more and enjoy. I always find the front seats on the 67 decor interior strange with only having the three ribs stitched in them while the back seat got five. Guest it looks uniform with the with of the seat, but always catches my eye as looking weird.

Very neat to see with all the original smog equipment too. Thanks for sharing the photos with us Don and all the best in getting this nice original car to an owner that will appreciate and preserve the originality.

Thanks for the confirmation guys. I really like this car and it will not hurt my feelings if it does not sell. I am flexible on price in that it needs a solid year of Saturdays spent on detailing it. Believe it or not this is the first time in my career that I have owned a 100% complete 390 smog setup from a 67. Any Mustang guys here know the approximate value of this smog system?


That car is so ripe for a Grumpy Lump hood scoop and “PANTY DROPPER” on the deck lid.

I’d just say the complete intact smog system is “priceless”, especially on this special car. I’m missing the original smog on my 67 GT XR7 390 4spd and you already know how hard it is to even find for sale. I’m sure there were a lot of Mustang guys that robbed the smog equipment from Cougars over the years to use on their own restorations. I go back and forth about trying to find the smog for my car. On the one hand, it would make for a nice restoration, but then I really want to drive the car and not just display it at shows.

I would suggest you try and piece one together and have it available for the car whether you intend to put it on or not. Previous tests revealed that it actually does not take away from the horsepower

I thought some of the nerds here would appreciate this picture, can anyone tell me why the black paint was slopped on this drum but not on most cars? Also notice the clip, these were placed on the car when they were assembled so as they swung the rear end around on the assembly line the drums did not fall off, after the first brake job they usually got thrown away, I got to do this cars very first brake job.

It’s been years since I’ve pulled off a door panel and seen this glob of putty still in place! I spent way too much time peeling off 17 years of tags to expose the first one from 1967

Because Styled Steel Wheels. Or maybe it was Road Kill?

The black was only slopped on cars with styled steel wheels. Normally the brake drums were left natural because they were hidden behind the rim, but on styled steel wheels, part of the drum is exposed hence the need to paint.

I believe there should be three clips to prevent the drums falling off.

Few more pics, anyone know what the cutoff date was when they discontinued painting the wheels body color? Also, anyone notice something different about the rear splash shield rubber on the passenger fender? This car has not been tagged since 1982 and retains all of its date coded glass, even the windshield is perfect. I succumbed to a reproduction decal on the trunk lock but all the bright work is 100% original.


Don, This Cougar is a great time capsule. That steering wheel looks amazing. I hope this cars stays as is when sold.


This is an amazing Cougar. :sunglasses:

Thanks for posting so many interesting pictures. Great looking car

Looks like a strip of rubber “stiffener”, stapled in place so the seal won’t lay over, causing a gap at the top.