1967 starter motor drive end houisng ( nose cone )

I’m trying to find the correct nose cone for my starter motor. As most everyone who has been into this area of the restoration has found, the D2AF service replacements are plentiful. But the earlier drive end housings seem to have become “unobtanium”
I’m looking for one marked as C7AF-11131-A ( or maybe it is A1 or B ? ). It is for the FE big block in a 1969 Cougar with A/T.
I think the C7AF was used up to the 1970 version of D0AF ?
Can anyone help me ? Thanks !
Gord Contact me through CCC messaging. I’m in Calgary, AB

I went to my local auto part store and got this rebuilt one with the end piece that you are talking about. Maybe you could too? It was something like $70 exchange.

Starter C9AF Autolite 1.jpg