1967 (to 1970?) Big Block upper Power Steering low pressure hose

Does anyone know the factory length of the low pressure hose running from the PS pump to the rubber insulator? NPD sells a 38’’ hose to cut down to size for reference
I realize this can be purchased from local parts store - any recommendations on PSI/brand etc.?
Did this hose have insulation/protective sheave from the factory?

NPD shows these as “correct” clamps - any opinions on whether or not these are correct?
HOSE CLAMP KIT, POWER STEERING RETURN HOSE - 3A713-1K - National Parts Depot (npdlink.com)
or these
CLAMP, BAND - 2344-1 - National Parts Depot (npdlink.com)

I have purchased blue dot hoses for my '67 GT but having trouble finding information on this hose



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Hi Sean, this is what I have in my notes for a '69-'70 428CJ car…

The 69-70 428cj pump hose is 14’’ with 10’’ foam and the return hose is 15’’ with two 5’’ foams with a purpleish color code in the middle between the 2 sleeves and 4 #2 wittek clamps were used from factory. Dead nuts on sells this also.

The NPD clamps are like the originals but the originals differ in detail You would be able to tell the difference immediately if you had an original to compare with.

NAPA has a decent quality PS return hose for this application.

Thanks Mike for the reference. Those measurements are for a PS cooler car so unfortunately not going to work for my car. I guess I’ll pick up a 36" hose from NAPA and cut to size

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