1967 XR7-GT Cougar for sale

Barn find factory s code 390 GT AC auto trans. Bought this car for my wife but we don’t have the time to put the work in this car needs. The 390 was replaced with a 351 w runs but hasn’t been on the road for some time. Body needs a full restore. Located in Northern Utah Asking for $9,000 call with any questions 8015408011 Scott

still availlabble?


The one picture shows 6.5 Litre badging, not GT. Do you have a Marti report that shows it is a GT, or is it actually a 6.5 Litre?

We were told 1967 S codes with a 390 were GT

That’s not the case. The 390 GT engine was available as a separate option. It was cheaper than the GT package which included the 390 GT engine. If you got the cheaper version the fender badges simply read “6.5 Litre.”

I might have some interest. I’m looking for a project car, but the only source of body panels I’m aware of are other Cougars so I’d prefer to avoid too much rust.

Is there a way I could see a lot more pics? If a pic included the warranty card/VIN, it’d make a Marti report unnecessary. Ford Mercury Cougar Xr7 - VIN Decoder

Purists think a car should only be restored to original, and that’s not me. But they do seem to be willing to pay the most. I’m more interested in a mild resto-mod to my own tastes, but if that lines up a bit with original spec, it’s a bonus.