1967 XR7 GT S Code (vinyl top)?

I have a 1967 XR7 GT S Code. I purchased a Marti report. When my Father-in-law was alive, he told me it originally had a black vinyl top, but nowhere on the mart report does it state it had a vinyl top from the factory. Is that possible? My Father-in-law was not the original owner, but owned it since 1976. The reason I ask, is because I am debating whether or not to put a vinyl top on. Does anyone have a marti report that states their car had a vinyl top from the factory?

Lots of vinyl tops were installed by dealers even on new cars. They were very popular even though they were short lived and expensive to replace.

That’s a very nicely optioned Cougar!

My advice would be to restore it just like it was delivered from the factory - without the vinyl top.

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Cool! A near twin to mine. You’ve got a couple more options than mine does though.

The marti report shows a black vinyl roof, first line on options list.

You’re looking at the wrong report. Look at the first one in the string.

Thank for showing your Marti report Royce. Thanks everyone for your input. HatTrick your car is nice looking. I am up in the air about vinyl or paint. I like both looks. It has the holes for the vinyl trim. I have a while to make up my mind, it has been eating at me why the marti says one thing but the information I have says a different story. Thanks again all.

Did you find a body buck tag? VL BLACK or VL PARCH, for factory vinyl tops.

There is no buck tag on this cougar. I am not sure what happened to it, but the person who would know is no longer alive. Thanks for asking CougarCJ. I did not know that info was on that tag.

Very similarly equipped to mine but will admit rather have a 4 speed. Sweet. 67 XR7 GT are pretty rare in any case and going by the date, yours is an early one as the XR7 was introduced later in 67.

Quite sure that the vinyl top would be listed on the Marti Report if factory but like Royce stated very common dealer add on. I personally like the cleaner look without the vinyl top.

Being as how they did it in the day they didn’t finish the roof very well if they were going to cover it up so much more work to remove that put one on.

BTW. The “S” in XR7 GT S Code" is a bit redundant as for Cougars (unlike Mustangs), the GT option always included the S code so just “XR7 GT” gives all the info needed. You’ll notice the “S Code” is no where to be found on the Marti. But will admit have been know to call mine a XR7 GT390" but also incorrect.

Your question and Royce’s response reminds me of a story… My brother worked for my Uncle who had a used car dealership. Bought cars at the auction, cleaned and detailed em, sold em. Did rather well, still in business today and very respected. Well they put on a ton of vinyl tops, they really could make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Well, one day they got a car in and my brother asked if he wanted to put a top on it? Jerome barked back, if it doesn’t have a top on it, you put one on it!
And let us not forget the opera windows!
Hatricks Cougar is beautiful by itself without a top, but the black top on the gold car next to it looks like it belongs there.

Thanks Cavallino, I learn something new everyday, either by working on the car or the threads. I did not know that the XR7 GT was S code cars only. I have only had this car less than a year, but have admired it for many.

Hey Cavallino, I noticed the Marti report did not list Power Disk Brakes for this GT optioned xr7. Would you know how many 1967 GT cars were produced with drums? I had a 68, 390 xr7 non GT with drums. I didn’t know a GT could come without disks.

@Since1980 1967 and 1968 GT Cougar’s came standard with power front disc brakes, 4 piston in '67 and single piston in '68. Your '68 sounds like a S code 6.5L car, not a GT package car. All 67/68 GT’s had front discs from the factory as far as I’m aware.

@HatTrick did your car come from the factory/dealer with color matched painted wheels?

Gotcha, GT infers disk. Yes, mine was a 68 S code xr7. Had 6.5 emblems and drums.
I couldn’t make the stop at a 4way one time. It was 198? I was watching Smoky and the Bandit on tv. I tried to make it home 5 miles between commercials. …curfew!

Disc front brakes - power assisted - were a required option with the GT package in 1967-1968 but they were also optional with any other option so they are not a flawless indicator. Your car of course has drums - probably power assisted - so it is likely not GT optioned. The power drum brakes can be made to work very well and should easily lock up all four if working properly. Typically all four adjusters are seized, cables broken and drums are turned too far. It’s hard to find anyone who knows how to work on drum brakes.