1967 xr7 on Craigslist in central Pennsylvania

This has been up for a few weeks now, its almost tempting just to get the power disk parts.

I cant lie I would probably pick it up for the parts I would want and scrap the rest. That body looks toast and I bet its worse underneath so you can rob what you want and make up the difference in selling parts and scrap. If its been up for a while I bet you can get it for less then asking price.

Hey Randy, this is in your neck of the woods.

I’d give him $1000 for that car in a heart beat. Regardless of the fact that it most likely doesn’t have a 9" rear end.

Yeah, I took notice of that. I still need to find the time to take apart the half dozen parts cars that I already have sitting around though.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

67 disc brakes are quite a bit different from 68 disc brakes. Plus rebuilding the 67 disc brake parts is a lot more expensive than rebuilding the 68 style.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I did discover that yesterday, mine has front unpowerd drums and lets just say they don’t work…

Send them up here I’ll take them apart for you.