1968 427 GTE correct air cleaner assembly & carburator main body

Hello, I came across an air cleaner and carb main body at a swap meet. Air cleaner top is chrome with the double roll. Base is blue with a 90 degree metal elbow out of the bottom. Diameter is 14". Carb main body has part # C8AF 9510 AD. Guy said he owned a 1968 427 cougar and these were parts he removed off the car. Does air cleaner seem correct for this application? Thx

That sounds about right, what is the date on the carb?

That is the correct number for a production GT-E and the air cleaner also sounds correct. By any chance did you inquire as to “which” GT-E this guy owned? Or his name and contact information? It would be nice to know if the car is already on the GT-E Registry, or perhaps a new one that needs to be added to the Registry.

I looked at the carb body and think it was 934. Still had an ink stamp on the horn with # 4088. This guy who had this stuff restored the car and sold it. No other info. He showed me a picture of it and it looked red. He sold it to a collector who owns the 2nd mustang ever built if that helps.

Did you buy the air cleaner and carburetor? What are you going to use them on?

Photos would be neat to see.

Okay the buyer of the GT-E is Bob Fria, and if you have the original parts off this GT-E I suspect he’d be interested in buying them back. Let me know, as I will be seeing Bob and his GT-E a week from tomorrow.

The 90 degree elbow out of the air cleaner base does not sound correct. A GT-E Air cleaner base has a straight nipple coming out of it. Another notable feature is a stamped date code (not ink, metal stamped). Can you share a photo?

The carburetor has a 934 (9th month, fourth week1969) date, so it is a service replacement 600 CFM carb. Same and correct part number as was used on a new 427 GT-E, just not a piece that was originally installed on a GT-E at the factory.

Yes the carb is a service replacement but a correct part for the car. I’ll look for a date on the air cleaner base. As I said the chrome top has the double roll in it if anyone knows what I am talking about.

What application would a 90 elbow be coming out of the base? Working on pictures

Would a 1967 427 fairlane W code single 4 bbl have a nipple out of the bottom? Thx