1968 cougar Brake light staying on

Put on new rotors, brake calipers, pads both sides front last night .
Blead the lines.
Brake light is staying on now .
Everything is new and don’t know what would make the brake light to stay on .
Mastercylender is full .
Any help ?

Seems like this question comes up every few weeks. You’ll need to search brake pressure warning light troubleshooting, many posts on google on various forums. Short answer - will probably need to remove distribution block

The idiot lamp in the dash is a problem. You have to use the factory procedure. or use the centering tool that WCC sells, or take the bulb out. I generally just take the bulb out.

Generally, you can center the proportioning valve and turn off the light by stepping on the brakes firmly a couple times. You’ll hear it “click” and the light will go off.

Factory procedure is to bleed the other half of the system that you didn’t work on. This will move the shuttle in the valve in the opposite direction, shutting off the light.

If that doesn’t work, the valve needs to be rebuilt so it functions properly. Seal kits are available from most restoration parts places.