1968 Cougar Coolant Hose Routing

I am building a 1968 cougar and I have a freshly built 347 stroker. I am looking for a Coolant hose diagram in particular thermostat Housing, Water pump and heater hose can’t find anything online even ordered a cougar USB manual, it was very vague with old dark pictures that were pretty much useless

The paper copy of the shop manual shows what you need and a million other details that you need. Basically the heater hoses cross above the engine. The lower one from the firewall attaches to the intake. The upper one at the firewall attaches to the water pump.

I recommend getting a real shop manual published by Ford.

You might have to go back a decade or two to find an original printing of the shop manuals. The paper shop manual copies you get now have the same dark fuzzy images. Copies of copies I suspect.

The ones published by Ford Motor Company were printed in 1967. A lot of copies are available on eBay, Amazon etc. for cheap.

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