1968 Cougar XR7 wiring help needed

1968 XR7 experts, need your help on a few wiring issues. I am putting a 1968 XR7 back together, after sitting since 2000. Need some help on a few wiring items.
Question #1) There are 2 red wires at the solenoid, one has a yellow ring end, and the other one has a black ring end. Which one is the low fuel relay that goes on the starter side of the solenoid? See photo #1. I know the other one goes on the battery side.
Question #2) For my alternator wiring, I purchased the “correct reproduction” alternator wiring harness and I think I have it wired correctly to the alternator. But the colors on the alternator harness are different than the main harness, but the plug ends are correct and will go together fine. Should I be concerned? Main harness, has yellow/white, black and black/red. The alternator one is orange, black, black/red. See picture 2 and 3.

Thanks for the help!

Found the answer I needed, thanks to a 1968 XR7-G 390 car that is now in my backyard. The wiring harness color difference is the same as the G car. Also the yellow ring is on the starter side, just like I thought…Thanks to Don for providing the XR7-G reference car…My understanding is the G car has a new owner already in Oregon, so don’t ask if it is for sale - LOL!