1968 D Clip for Headlight Vacuum Hose

Is there any place that sells the reproduction for the D clip for a 68? I am trying to find nicer ones than the ones I currently have. 67’s will not fit. Not sure if 69’s will or not.

D clip 68.png

We have new and used on our site, in fact that looks like our picture.


Perfect. I looked all over your site for the Repro’s. And yes, it is your pic. it was the best example i could find.

How many need do I need for the entire compartment on my 68?


There are five under the hood on a 68. May I ask what search words you used? The reason I ask is I would like to add them to our site so as to make it easier for the next guy to find them.

I used “d clip vacuum loom”. I could find the used part, but not the repro part. I will add 5 to my next order. Just placed another order early this morning and forgot about these.