1968 GT-E - 8F93W550450 - on Bring-A-Trailer


21-Years-Owned 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 7.0-Litre GT-E

Current Bid: $75k

Looks good from here. One caption is incorrect though. It says the VIN is stamped on the original block when in fact it is stamped on the cylinder head as it should be.

Great color combination and very nicely restored. Royce was the red oxide used in this time frame ?

I would like to also ask about the interior. It LOOKS like repro seat skins. How close are they to originals?

Typically not in Dearborn during this period of time. Most of these cars that I come across have a dark colored underside. I’ve heard folks call it batch paint but it seems too consistent for that to me.

The other thing that you commonly find on the underside of cars that were sold new in salty climates is tons of dealer installed undercoating, or installed by an owner, or a service like Ziebart.

It looks pretty accurate to me on a computer screen, Comfort Weave seats in dark blue had to be a pretty rare option. I am guessing that the current seat covers were custom built by someone. Where would you even start to look for material?

Except in rare cases… I had one block stamped.

SMS in Canby OR

It went up 35k since this afternoon with 7 days to go.

looks like a very nice GT E well done… The only two things I would have to change is the color of the front shocks and replace the aftermarket hood blanket with an original. Add some of the factory marking details. Is that a Fuller brand exhaust? it Looks awesome.

I only noticed because mine was that way when I bought it, 67 grill on the passenger side.

JCC found Comfortweave for me for CatVert and then modified the back seat to fit the Mustang convertible seat shape. I’m not sure where he got it. Distinctive Industries appears to still make it in some colors.


Thanks - I don’t think DI has any product on the shelves currently and probably not at John’s either. SMS is extremely slow. The most recent set from them arrived in November after being on order for 14 months.

OK so whose cat is this?? I’m out of the loop here

Last known owner of record is Shawn Long, Granger, IN.


Some serious bidding right at the end. Shawn will be a happy camper.

I’m amazed that there has been no discussion on the selling price of this GT-E, I thought more people were interested???

With runaway inflation it’s hard to peg what something is worth right now.

Beautiful GT-E and done right! Must get the details right. Smog equipment, Autolite battery etc.