1968 GTE Cougar For Sale

1968 Cougar GTE.
427 Sideoiler
Factory gold with Gold interior
Car is a project but a great one to start with.
Engine is already built and is probably too much for the street.
Many parts included.
Can send pictures and videos
Price is $50k obo
Very complete car but missing a few things here and there.
Shock towers slightly modified.

Marti report and clear title.

Located in Beckley WV 25801

Call or text 304-228-4732
Original vin tags and apron stamps.


Here’s link to facebook. What do you guys think? Not mine.

Mostly I’m curious what the thought process was for such a wild engine build in this car

Yeah it’s a shame they did that imo, especially if it was the original engine for that car.

It looks like the previous owner wanted to relive his high school days. Maybe he ran out of time or money. Matt is simply a guy who beats the woodwork and buys low and sells to make a profit. He’s not the guy who did that to this car.

Yeah, and it’s a good thing we didn’t have 700 HP engines or the money to do it back in high school. Speaking for myself, I probably wouldn’t be here now. Still alot of potential for that car though. Grecian gold 68 GTE with a 427 is my dream Cougar!

Well buying low doesn’t happen too often these days lol. But I did buy it to sell it.

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I don’t know anything about this car, but do know the seller and will add:

I will say that the seller is a straight up person. I bought a 69 CJ Mach 1 project from him a few years back and the car was everything he said it was. It was one of the better buys I have made over the years. It too, was a good price and buy.


Thanks Ken. I always just tell it how it is. Nothing to hide. Happy New Year.

Because it has so many mods now, throw a 4 speed in it, put the trim on and drive it! Put a sign on it for $65000 and maybe someone will buy because it runs and drives. I don’t see the value going down because it’s driven. I think most of my cars came in primer…must be my favorite color.
That is…if I had $50k to play with.

Would need eyes on it. Most of car there. Body work not my thing. Bringing back to stock form. Trying to put number on it. Worthy project. Matt great project.

Thanks Matt, Happy New Year to you as well.

A friend of mine almost bought this GTE last November but didn’t buy it because the GTE Registry dated 11/23/17, page 9 states “8F93W532364…PARTED & SCRAPPED ROBINSON, IL”. He assumed this GTE was rebodied.

Yeah it’s obviously not been. Anyone can come inspect it. Jim has in his record as the engine being blown up and it was taken to a junkyard.

There is no evidence in the registry as the car ever being rebodied. I talked to Jim yesterday.

So I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t say my car is a rebody or had been scrapped when that’s not the case.

Since you have never seen the car nor know any history it’s not wise of you to publicly post misinformation.

I understand your desire to defend the car for sale and that it would be frustrating if a registry had information that might devalue a car or cast doubt on the originality.

However, not really a constructive response to take a threatening tone.

In no way was my tone threatening. I’m stating facts. That would be like me posting something negative about your car knowing I have never seen it.

Anyone can come and look at the car and see for themselves it’s all original metal aside from the driver quarter panel.

There was no tone. People shouldn’t post negative things about a car they have never seen in person. Isn’t that common sense?

The car has been sold. Registry updated with correct factual information. New owner is happy.


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Great news! I hope to see it on the road in all it’s restored glory someday.