1968 headlight between fin paint

Is there a specific paint and or method folks have had success with while restoring the headlight grills?

Looking specifically at the black between the grill fins.


SEM Trim Black

Just did it! It’s all in the masking…cougarrand is correct, SEM Trim Black is the best…don’t over spray

Years ago, but I used a ton of reducer to super clean the paint surface and bought masking tape that was the correct width. Clean surface and super straight masking is definitely key. I think I used Krylon back then, but something made for it like the SEM suggested is probably much better in the long run.

Thanka folks, much appreciated

3M blue vinyl masking tape in 1/8" width or whatever fits the grille bars. It worked well when I painted the grille and taillight trim on my 69 XR 7.