1968 J-code 302 ENGINE RESTORATION for sale

For sale is a restored 1968 J-code 302 concourse restoration. This was a 4H project by my son that was built along side of master mechanic and engine builder. This was going to go into a oncourse mustang project but has taken a different direction due to needing college funds. This engine was originally found complete in dry storage. Full photo documentation of the entire project. Engine oiling system has been primed and motor is ready to start. Original fuel pump was lost in the mail when sent in for restoration. Carburetor is original J-code 4V but needs rebuilt. This is a correct motor for Shelby GT350 but I was told the serial number was checked a while back and no match was found on Shelby registry. #8T012665. If anyone has any questions please reach out to me. Listed on Ebay for $9800, but would definitely be open to private offers. Nathan- 515-669-4291