Now in stock! I have 2 1968 LOW FUEL senders rebuilt calibrated and ready to go no core required! Considering that I have only had three of these in the past year this is a rare event. $259.99 with free shipping in the USA.

A long time Cougar owner with a very famous Cougar decided it was time to release these from his personal stash.

If you need one you should jump on this, as I have no idea when I will get another.…

As an FYI, this will also work in the '67 but it has the larger 3/8" diameter tube so you will need to deal with that unless you have upgraded the fuel line to 3/8".

This won’t work for '69 as you have a larger 20 gallon tank, and a different pin out on the harness. I have 1 '69 in stock if you need that.

As always, I can restore your rebuildable core for $125. And no I don’t swap cores for finished units. I have learned that lesson.

One on it’s way to Florida!

Bill -
I’d like to buy the 2nd one please. Jim Pinkerton. Let me know if you still have it and a check will make todays’ mail. Thanks.

It’s yours. Any address changes?