1968 map pocket attachment

Looking for a couple photos of how the map pockets are attached to the door panels on a '68 XR7. Not the stapled part, but the elastic strap that goes through the pocket top edge and attaches to the door panel at each end.

So far I have not been able to find this with searches. Thanks for the help.

The elastic strap goes thru slots & IIRC there is a small “D” ring that is stapled to the panel back.
Buy new elastic at stores, fish thru panel- careful not to snag the fluffy stuff- causes wrinkles.
Stretch to ensure pocket stays tight. Repeat on other side

Thanks, Bill! I have gotten that far but where/how does the D-ring attach to the door panel? My panels from WCCC came with a small philips screw and a small flat speed nut. Does it go like this:
1 philips screw through the front of the door panel
2 elastic through slot to back of panel
3 d-ring onto screw shaft on back of panel
4 speed nut onto screw on back of panel

A photo of that specific attaching point would go miles for me. The photos I have been able to find so far are from too far away to be useful.

OK, went and looked… Glad I did. The old brain needs a memory upgrade!

Screw is from inside of the pocket thru the flap & door panel.

Backside of the panel the D ring is next & then the flat nut on top of the D ring.

Got it. Thanks!