1968 Mercury Cougar W/351 Windsor for sale

Hi my name is Joe. This is my 1968 Mercury Cougar project car. I’ve owned it for quite a while. The engine is from a 1969 Mercury Cougar. Its a 1969 351 Windsor, that is bored 60 over, has Keith Black forged pistons, Speed Pro Performance cam: (CL1231R 2000-4500 214/224 .472/.496 112), Double timing chain, Cast heads exhaust and intake gasket match ported. 11:1 compression, I run 108 octain, Headman headers 2 1/2" X-pipe with delta flow flowmasters. The engine is balanced, has a Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake, Victor Jr water pump, and a Pro Form 750DP street carb. Malory Unilite that has been curved, and Edlebrock polished aluminum valve covers. I had a Holley ram air scoop on it but when I changed the carb it didn’t fit anymore, that’s why theirs a hole in the hood, I still have the scoop. Also it has a aluminum radiator. C-4 transmission. I have the missing ends for the back fenders.

The body needs some work, I was in the process of doing body work but never finished. Needs a head liner. It a project car and needs a good owner, I dont have the time or money to keep working on it.
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Starting price: $4500.00 OBO. I’m willing to negotiate a fair price.

If you have questions you can reach me at 562-652-8908

Post your location as well. thanks,

Sorry about that. My location is Santa Fe Springs, California. Its in Los Angeles County.

Im moving soon so I would really like to get rid of the car. If any one is interested the new price is 3500 obo.

Is it road worthy? Can it be driven for say… 256 miles?

Ooooh, Grr8 is gettin’ a new itchin’…GO FOR IT!!!

Its not, it needs to be tuned correctly. It runs and can be driven but I wouldn’t try going that far.

Oh you don’t know the half of it! LOL

Let’s see… Truck? Check. Trailer? Ummmm nope.

I guess it would have to be tuned first. smirk

I mean if I’m going to get 11 MPG either way (less on the trip back if I trailer) then I might as well drive a Cougar right?

Speaking of… I guess I should change my avatar.

If your interested in it I can tune it as best I can. You can also rent a trailer. Or a dolly from haul.

I forgot to mention that the car is registered as non operation so driving it would be a bad idea.

The car is still for sale, I’m just not selling the motor or trans with it. $1700 obo

Car still for sale. Make an offer. Engine not included.

Ahhhhhhhhhh I want… boy do I want…