1968 Mercury Cyclone GT Super Wheel Cover

I have a 1968 Mercury Cyclone GT. Its was a special ordered with Nordic Blue paint. Paint code is blank and Marti report conforms this. However, I found an entire intact build sheet and again confirms the paint 1 of 64 special order paint cars. But the issue im having is identifying the wheel option. Its marked Super Wheel Cover. Nobody in the Cyclone community knows what that is. Does anyone here happen to know. This wheel cover is also not listed in the 68 accessories brochure. I’m new and if you explain how to attach photos I will of what I’ve found.

Give Hubcap.org a look.

Mike M.

Maybe those were the GT (turbine) wheel covers which were standard on 68 Cyclone GT.

Yeah that site doesn’t show anything that old.

Thats a good possibility as you see here in the accessories catalog the other optional ones that are listed on the build sheet…Deluxe, Steel and Wire. You couldn’t get wire or deluxe spinners

on a GT anyway.

I will suggest that it is this available wheel for 1968. C8OA-1130-M.

That’s the hubcap I was thinking but according to what you’ve provided its called a simulated mag style and on my build sheet the mag isn’t checked. I’m thinking the Super Wheel is actually C8GA-1130-B. Basically my car came with the standard caps, which is ok with me, just been a hard time figuring out what a Super Wheel Cover was.

My thinking was if yours is a Cyclone GT, it would have come with the GT (turbine) wheel covers. And so if that is the correct build sheet for your car, the SUPER on the build sheet most likely referred to those. But I guess your car could have been ordered with any of those other optional wheel covers. Does your Marti report show any optional wheel covers? That’s the missing piece in the puzzle.

Yes thats my Build Sheet and there’s nothing in the Marti on wheel related except for Wide Oval tires.

I think that solves the mystery. Yours had the GT equipment group which included wide oval whitewall tires, 5 1/2” rims, and the GT (turbine) wheel covers. So SUPER on the build sheet = GT (turbine) wheel covers. Neat car! Do you have a picture of it you can post?

Sure do and thanks for the help…


So that would still be a a 14 inch rim? Car does have front disc. Hope thet are not hard to find.

Well…answered my own question lol…now to hunt these down.

I really like that color on your Cyclone. In the early 70s I used to “borrow” a friends 68 Cyclone while my 67 Cougar was broke down…frequently. His wife had a 68 XR7 that looks much like the 68 I have in my garage.

I had a 1968 Cyclone GT for a while. White, with red buckets, console, and power windows. Mopar Don has it now.


Good looking car - really like the color!