1968 Rust Free, Raggedy Roller / $3500 / CA Black Plates / SOLD!!!


This car has lived its whole life in Redding California. One of our customers purchased it his Junior year in High School and modified it by putting in a 429 / C6 and 1967 9" rear. Up until last year his plan was to restore it with his son but his son finally let dad know he did not have the determination to see the car get put back together. They placed the car in our hands and made us promise it would not get crushed. It has WAY too solid of bones to part out, it is RUST FREE. NO BLISTERS under the top, aprons, quarters, corner of the doors or under deck lip. I will sell this car cheap to the person who wants to make a LARGE order on the WCCC website. Make a large enough order and the car could be free (or close to it). If I listed the car for $3500 it would sell in minutes, if we parted it out $8000 is sitting here in good used parts. The car has manual disc brakes, manual steering, factory AC, decor level interior, 429 frame stands and 9" rear-end. It is mostly complete minus the drive train. This is a perfect platform for a restomod or drag car and is not too far from stock that it cannot be returned to original. If you buy it we can store it on site for free for as long as needed. The VIN number is 8R91F521360. West Coast Classic Cougar 503-463-1130 Salem OR