1968 seat belts.

50 different states could mean 50 different rules, but what is the go with the double belt up situation in the US? Is wearing the lap belt adequate enough, or failing to wear sash belt will see you in the book with your local authourities?

Was the 2 seat belt configuaration an option in the day?

Let;s face it, belts hanging down from above the left ear is really uncool!!!

At the end of the day, can we delete the belts that arehanging out in the worst spot?

In the day, seat belt use was optional. Seatbelts only became required equipment in U.S. cars by 1965, but use remained voluntary until 1984 when New York became the first state to require they be used. Shoulder belts became required equipment in 1968, as I recall. They were not made mandatory until after integrated 3-point belt systems became available.

Today, it’s a patchwork of requirements based on age and other factors. Many states don’t allow primary enforcement; you can only be ticketed for non-use if pulled over for some other violation, while the rest treat non-use as a primary violation.

I believe that most states would not enforce anything more than lap belt use in a classic car at all, even if equipped with shoulder belts, but I don’t know that for sure.

You would need to check with the Australian laws for that answer.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Lap belts will let you by without a ticket in Va., but if you have sash belts, why would you not want to use them?

I’m pretty sure you’re grandfathered in NY if you have a vehicle that wasn’t equipped. My T-Bird doesn’t even have seat belts.

Because the lines of the roof and pillars, with both windows open, is just gorgeous. Why wreck it with a horrible looking strap hanging down in the middle of it all?

Fairly obvious that I need to check the local laws, but what I was after here was how do the majority travel with the belts, in the car’s homeland.

I’m seriously considering deleting the sash belts, as it looks bloody horrible. I’m very confident of baffling the local highway patrol, and therefore I’m just fishing for a bit of a general consensus from your local 68 owners.


I never use the shoulder belt in the Cougar. It’s a pain to use and stow away when not in use. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use them, now that I think about it.

They are not supposed to be hanging down. I have both and mine is on the holder for it and tucked up against the roof, can’t see it from the outside at all. If yours is hanging down there is a piece missing there. It is a pain to put away but have only used it when racing, felt safer lol

you won’t get the car registered in Oz without three point inertia reel belts that are ADR compliant. In some states the rear belts now have to be three point inertia reel as well. There is a new national code coming out that will mandate three point inertia reels

You can use a belt with a drop link from the upper mount in a 68 or you can have an additional upper mount welded / plated into the b pillar just below the window line. Get the belts with the longest 250mm drop link.