1968 Standard

I’m keeping an eye out for a good to nice 1968 Standard with small block around the Northwest. I’m passing on '67s and all XR-7s, and big blocks, definitely has to be 68 Standard. It can have a few things wrong with it but needs to be rust free or very close to it. . .not looking for a major project. Thinking to spend in the neighborhood of around $10k, maybe a little higher. Most any color is fine (except green interior, sorry) and would really like it to have factory air. Other options are nice but not necessary- power steering, disk brakes, etc.

Thanks all! Sixshift@msn.com 509-948-6618

My, the Cougar search is turning out to be a strange experience! Having a heck of a time communicating with sellers, just getting a hold of them and then having any sort of followup conversation. I have shopped and purchased a couple other vintage cars in the past two years and communication was easy, both great “car people,” real great to deal with. So far Cougar shopping has been nothing like that. I have missed out on a couple great prospects lately even though I made initial contact within 2 days of them listing their Cougar, and weeks before they sold. I guess people think I’m a tire kicker or a creeper :astonished: lol

I realize there won’t be a lot of Cougars in the price range I’m looking at, since many are in need of restoration, and the ones that are nice are more collectible models valued outside my budget. But if anyone has something that may be of interest please let me know. Also I am open to advice and suggestions. I’m not in a big hurry, hoping to get something by next March or April, but I’m anxious and excited, lol! I have been searching Facebook, Craigslist, here, and just Googling Cougars.

Thanks again.

I have the perfect 68 for you! I suggested the buyer of said 68 sell it back to me when Jim Pinkerton’s 68 show car became available. I put it in the attic of my warehouse when we were preparing for our open house this summer and forgot about it until just now. The seats have been redone, body straightened out and lots of new parts purchased.

Great, I’ll call you tomorrow Don!