1968 std Cougar in film on Motorweek

I don’t think they made a single mistake, pretty rare! About 7:05 in the video.


He says the GT and XR-7 shared the more luxurious leather trimmed interior…Otherwise not too bad. There was also a pretty ridiculous price graphic on the screen, not sure where they got the numbers. I could make the case that the low value was too high, and the high value too low.

Agreed, all price guides have a challenge trying to fit a myriad of any one car into 3-5 price slots. I always tell folks to share pics of their car here to get a value and inevitably several members will chime in and between them come up with a realistic number.

Cool - Motorweek is produced out of Maryland and I used to watch it all the time when we lived in Northern Virginia.

Before all of the Speed and Velocity channels it was just about the only TV show dedicated to the automobile.

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I just saw where Velocity is going to be rebranded as Motor Trend. I hope we get some shows where 90 % of the cars don’t get an LS swap.

I think car prices are like the old real estate saying, right person, right place right price. I hate though when people say well you couldn’t build it for that $$. Ive seen what I considered marginal cars go for stupid money while other sweet cars hardly bring any $$$. I was bidding on a car in Kissimmee this year and got outbid, figured oh well the buyer wanted it more than me. Then found out a week later it was a flipper, it ticked me off but i’m smiling now because they still have it for sale. Crazy world out there in the classic car market

I used to watch it all the time on Maryland PBS.

I liked the video. It’s good to see the Mercury Cougar get the proper respect that it deserves. Thumbs up! :dance:

Very cool. Missed that the 390 was still a 1968 choice and as Royce pointed out that the GT interior was the same as standard but nice to see a bit of cat love.

Haven’t seen the program for years but good to see the John Davis is still doing his thing.

And good looking '68! Anyone here own it?

Here’s the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0Pg6ZquJIk

The Motorweek episode with this Cougar piece just aired. At least where I am.

Episode 3821 Debut 1.25.2019