1968 wheel splash shields

Can anyone confirm which side of the rear steel splash shields the rubber should be attached to? I removed the existing rears, and the rubber is attached to the door side. In looking at these with the rubber removed it looks to me like the rubber should be on the wheel side. It seems they would be more affective on the wheel side, and there is a crease in the steel that looks like the rubber should but up to.

Here is what I have found: 1968 R Code GT-E - #25 by Royce

Yeah that looks more like I would expect to see. The shields I removed, that I think are original, have the main rubber on the door side, and the upper rubber piece on the wheel side. Maybe at some point a PO replaced the rubber?

When these cars and their parts were being built things didn’t always happen at the factory, they way they were supposed to. I recall running into a couple small things like that when I did my car.
I did similar as Royce shows, using staples I made from stainless steel tig filler rod to hold them on.

Likely someone at the factory found an easier way to accomplish the job.