1968 XR-7 vacuum to AC controls

I was wondering if anyone has a schematic showing the correct placement of the vacuum lines going to the climate controls for and AC equipped 1968 XR-7 ?

The four lines, white, blue, red striped and all black one were just rolled up under the dash, not connected when I purchased it.

If no schematic, their placement from top to bottom on the switch?

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The schematic is in your copy of the factory shop manual.

Unfortunately, I have not found it in mine. My assemble manual is the combined Cougar, Fairlane, Falcon, Montego and Mustang version.

Though it has detailed schematics showing the vacuum lines to the to the switches of the Montego, Falcon and Fairlane it does not appear to have one for the Cougar. Schematics for the vacuum placement for the switch are found in sections 16-12 and 16-13 and they do not show one for the Cougar, nor does the text in the related pages mention their placement.

The other models use a horizontal switch, while the Cougar uses a vertical switch. Why do I not just try the vertical combination you may wonder? Even in the horizontal switch schematics have different vacuum line placement in the different car models.


Mustang and Cougar are identical. You have the right book.

Montego, Falcon and Fairlane are the only schematics showing vacuum lines to controls in Ventilating, Heating and Accessories Section 16, no Mustang or Cougar though their operations are mentioned in the text.

Section 19 Schematics are electrical.

So if there is an elusive schematic in another section would you be so kind as to tell me where because I have not found it, if I had I would have not posted the question.


ETA: Blue, Red, Black and then White. Top to bottom. Thanks to the member that sent the PM. Much quicker than vague and elusiveness that leads nowhere.

1968 Vacuum line routing with AC.pdf (1.9 MB)

This is a great article from Mustang Monthly it has a couple of schematics

It’s not in the '68 manual. I think you may be thinking of this manual.

I don’t think this is very helpful but it does locate a few things


Thanks for posting PDF and the information.

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