1968 xr7 J code 77k miles

I find it hard to believe this was on craigslist on and off for a year at $9000 and I sent 3 customers to look at it in person (the previous owner is a customer I was trying to help) and the first two turned it down. A friend from high school ended up buying it and was thrilled to pay full price. We are very spoiled here in the NW… What will it bring in your opinion? I think at least $17k, car should appraise at $24k.


Looks like a fantastic car. It’s all about marketing the vehicle properly and details. A car on CL that only has a couple of pics and sparse details always makes people weary. Even just taking the time to give it a good wash and wax will always bring more money than a dirty car. Maybe the P.O. was difficult to deal with or hard to get a hold of but whatever it was, someone got a nice car. Love the original paint cars.

Fantastic indeed, and the auction is very well done, I would expect no less from a long time friend of Don’s!

Dave put a lot of hours and more than $2000 into it and it looks like a new car compared to what it did. It had several ugly door dings but those paintless dent removal guys have magical powers, almost nobody thinks to spend the $100 for their services. The previous owner was a great guy and super easy to deal with but no marketing skills, 4 fuzzy pics and 3 sentences he could get no interest.

That looks like a very nice Cougar. Well documented for the sale. I think Cougars in this condition are like finding hens teeth.

The auction looks very well done, informative and lots of pic’s. Shame its no reserve, at the moment looks like someone is getting a steal. Cracks me up on some auctions the seller takes NO time to even clean the car, presentation means so much for prospective buyers. :smoke:

I like no reserve auctions. Makes the bidders know its really for sale, not some pie in the sky wish price or someone testing the waters.

Very nice, indeed. Wow. Really. I hope it sells (at least) in the 20s.

Q: In the Car-Lite windshield logo photo it looks like there are speaker holes visible in the dashpad beyond. Were the original logos at or near the center of the windshield? (I’ve never seen an original windshield.)

Also, what is that on the dash? Doesn’t look like a dash plaque. Maybe some kind of a card holder?

I think that pic is through the rear window and showing the package tray. The dash piece was commonly used for oil change reminders/records and supplied by the gas station/dealer that did the work, complete with phone number of course.


Pictures say 20k car to me. Not the most desirable color but looks really nice in this presentation. Black interior is a plus to me.

Very Nice !

The interior on this one is Dark Ivy Gold, a very dark green.

I’m going conservative on the selling price, though. I’m going to peg it at $17K because it’s a non-AC, mini-console car in a color few appreciate until they see a freshly painted example.

This one also requires a special kind of buyer to appreciate its original condition so that could keep the price down. I know I wouldn’t be able to leave this car alone, especially in the engine compartment. I might be able to leave the paint alone at least until that one bubble demanded some attention, but I’d have to make the engine compartment look fresh and that tear in the driver seat would mock me every time I opened the door. And that’s why I’m not the right buyer for this car!

I’d actually say that the originality of this car is exactly why it is off and running so well in this auction! It’s a pretty nifty package and it can be DRIVEN without a worry in the world, cosmetically. I’m a bit surprised, actually, that the engine bay doesn’t match the cleanliness of the interior…but alas that’s where the heat is and the grime goes…

Nice trip down Cougar lane here. A great great ad!

Edit-also, just a small point of curiosity, that fan shroud isn’t original, is it?

Good eye… That is in fact a WCCC repro plastic shroud as is the RH taillight lens and a few other tidbits.

Yep, near the center of the windshield. See also how it says “SUN VISOR” - this means it has the darker tinted band at the top (so for sure this is a pic of the windshield, not the back window).

Here’s one weird thing though - notice the date code on the windshield is 2E. Wouldn’t that be May 1972? Not sure how big of a deal it is, but that’s potentially not the original windshield, rather a service replacement. :question:

Andrew, you are correct on the date code.

Here is probably everything you want to know about Carlite original glass.

Sold @ $15,700. In my book, someone got a pretty good deal.

this car is on its way to Cleveland Ohio, the seller was great to work with, can’t wait for it to join the 69 in the garage

Hi edsred! Welcome to the den. I think you found a great car. Now keep that nice west coast car out of the snow!!! :wink:

Congrats and ditto on the welcome here! That’s a good buy you got there, love this car! Enjoy and cograts :clap: