1968 XR7 Underdash Wiring Oddities

I received a 68 XR7 underdash harness for refurbishment, and I found two oddities.

  1. On the portion of the harness that goes to the oil pressure gauge, I found the wires for the two lamp bulbs cut and protected under cloth tape (gaffer’s tape?) that looked factory original. Every other harness had the bulbs, so I added them to the harness. Is there any reason why these bulbs should not be there?
    2.On the tilt/swing-away harness, the two leads for the neutral safety switch were tied together (obviously as a jumper). I added the appropriate 2 pin male/female plug to mate with the plug from the solenoid located near or at the steering column. A previous owner obviously bypassed this solenoid. My question is: is this for the column swing away or for the tilt? My documentation is not all that clear.

Point #2. This is part of the ignition interlock. Meaning that the column must be locked into the straight position, and the door must be closed in order to start the car. That is how I understand it.

Point #2 : All the tilt columns for 1967-69 were also ‘swing away’.
The tilt function ( mechanical ) is independent of the swing away function ( electrical-vacuum-mechanical ). The wiring and solenoid-relay ( regulates the vacuum entering the ‘motor’ via a door mounted switch ) that you are speaking of / repairing has to do with the operation of the vacuum ‘motor’ which has a piston on the inside and which pulls on a cable and pin to allow the upper portion of the steering column to move to the right ( “swing away” ). The interlock switch is embedded into this motor.