1968 XR7 value

OK guys, here’s visual proof in regards to the smog pump controversy.

Oh snap. LOL

I’m not a computer person, please tell me what that means.

LOL = laughing out loud

To replicate the interior is $10,000 alone. What am I missing that you guys see? I see a $20k+ car and would insure it for $32k. If that car came my way for under $15k I would be writing a check real quick and I am not generally known to pay retail. Once in a life time opportunity to buy the most desirable year / color / model and transmission. The only way it gets better is if it had a 302 4V, oh well, 9 out of 10 boxes are checked! Snap it up, even if you have to over pay a little. If you purchase it we would really like to use it for next years calendar.


Don I based my price on the 1st set of exterior pictures posted. I’d say the price is higher after seeing the engine bay pictures, very clean down to the inspection stickers still being in place. I haven’t seen the interior photos yet. If they are posted I can’t see them in any of the previous posts. This is a extremely nice Cougar.

Great Cougar! - Some interior pics please :thumbup:

  • Phillip

I really was an idiot to sell my Cougar…sigh

Ok guys, after seeing these interior shots, would anybody like to revise their estimates. thanks to everyone for all of your input so far.

ok here is a pic of the trunk.

here’s pictures of the underhood padding

this is the rest of the pictures that I have.

This one beautiful car. From the paint, trim, running cat emblem, interior, steering wheel, gauge lenses, etc. etc., I’m with Don on this one, BUY IT! You never mentioned what the sell price was but if it seems
reasonable to you after the comments here then you know you’ll have something special.

Yes, buy it. Keep it as a survivor, they are only original once.

Saddle interior is one of my favorites.

Oh my… That is incredible. I don’t know how to put a value on that. Best of luck with the purchase.

Goodness. That has Survivor ROTM written all over it!

Nice find - not sure if it’s a survivor considering some of the things in the past and the over used term. In some circles it’s appears to be a “tweener” but still what appears to be a great find and well worth saving in its current state.

If maintaining/owning a car like this is not for you long term maybe pass on it (providing the contact to someone that wants this type of car) or if priced right try and flip it to one. Owning one of these takes a special person

Just my opinion having not seen the car in person.

The interior alone is worth $10k and could not be replicated for $10k. Here is what an average 4spd console is worth…


The steering wheel would fetch $900 from a 68 KR guy… Impossible to restore one to look spot on.


Somebody take Don’s keyboard and hit him with it. This is not a parts car! LOL! Sheesh… yer killing me… what if your Doctor told you what your vital organs were worth?

What a BEAUTIFUL car! And, such a rare opportunity. I haven’t seen an original leather interior in such wonderful condition for at least 30 years.